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This is a how-to get set up and use MultiMC, which is an alternative to the Curse/Twitch/FTB launchers.

Get it here: https://multimc.org/

Get All The Mods 3 - Remix 1.6.0 here: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/all-the-mods-3-remix/files/2990415

Unzip/install MultiMC and open it. Select your language:

Select a Language

Choose a java version, typically the default is fine. Be sure to change your maximum memory allocation! I set this to 12GB on my machine, you want to give it at least 4-6GB for best performance

Choose Java, set memory

Enable or Disable analytics. This allows the developer of MultiMC to see how many people use their application. You can read about it at the link included, or just disable it.

Enable or Disable Analytics

Choose "Add Instance" in the top left corner

Select "Import from ZIP"

Select "Browse" to find the zip file you downloaded from curseforge

Select the file and click "Open"

It may take some time, depending on the speed of your internet connection, be patient and wait for it to download the modpack


Once it is finished, you will see the modpack displayed on the main MultiMC screen! Click Launch!

If you've never run MultiMC before, it will prompt you to add a Mojang account. This step is required for you to log into Minecraft and join the server

Clicking yes will bring you to the account screen ,where you can click "Add" to add an existing Mojang account

Once your account has been added, click "Close"

Once you click "Launch" again, it may take some time to download the official minecraft binaries from Mojang, and then the game should launch!

3 months ago

Here's my soon-to-be power setup, still testing the reactor before hooking it up fully into the system. Reactor control is via a OpenComputers LUA script written by me

3 months ago

Wiki page for AE2: https://ae2.ae-mod.info/

REALLY good getting started guide: https://ae-mod.info/Getting-Started/


3 months ago

Test Reply

3 months ago

The main wiki page for Mekanism I find very helpful, and keep it bookmarked: https://wiki.aidancbrady.com/wiki/Main_Page

Specifically it has a page for Ore Processing: https://wiki.aidancbrady.com/wiki/Ore_Processing

3 months ago