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So rsync is http://rsync.samba.org/ It is amazing.

It came to my attention a while ago when I was looking for rsync solutions for windows, that the defacto “standard” rsync for windows cwrsync was no longer available free and open source.

They were offering a much older version (2009) of rsync, but to get the latest you had to purchase their software. While this is a completly viable business model and I can not fault them for this, I disagree with it, and since it is within my resources to provide a win32 installer for rsync, thus came into existance w32Rsync.

w32Rsync is Rsync 3.1.0 and ssh, compiled with cygwin, and packaged with NSIS to make it easy to use.

It adds itself to the users PATH so it can be used from any command line window (cmd.exe)

Soon after creating this, I noticed that I was using the standard build of NSIS, which can screw up PATH variables if your PATH is over a certain size. I have since updated the executable to fix this with the long PATH NSIS build per the warning here

w32Rsync is available for download http://mikesshop.net/w32RsyncInstaller.exe