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Almost a year ago, I chanced into a Clausing Kondia FV-1 CNC Knee mill sitting outside at a guys house on a pallet, under a tarp. I was there checking out some metal stock and other assorted parts he had for sale, and I asked him what was up with the mill. He gave me the run down about it, basically he converted it for a friend, the friend wound up not using it and used it as payment for other services back to the guy I got it from.

So I asked him if he wanted to get rid of it, and he said he was going to be scrapping it pretty soon! He had tried to sell it several times before, but people always came up with reasons or excuses for not showing up, etc etc. So he told me he would get about $350 for scrap, so I could have it for that. I jumped on it, and told him I would get it ASAP. Couple of weeks later (he was away), I rented a hydraulic lift trailer and drove down to his house.


Among the amazing things that made this easier… was a 70’s era crane! That thing was bad ass, and after spending an hour getting it out of the sunken wet dirt hole it was in… we used it to load the mill. It made the whole process significantly easier, and I’m absolutly amazed by how heavy 3000lb really is.

It was quite… interesting lifting that thing up. It lifted up the rear of the crane a couple inches off the ground. I don’t have any pictures of loading it on the trailer, I’ll have to get those photos from my father who was taking pictures while we were working. We wound up having to remove the ram from the mill to load it, just to make it balance a bit better, and to lower the center of gravity for ease of offloading. When we got it home… simply lowered the back of the hydraulic lift trailer and pushed it off. Went really smooth! Here are some of after I got it home and started cleaning it up


The mill was a total rust bucket. It had been sitting outside for at least a year, possibly longer.

Cleaned up

In the end it turned out pretty nice. Most of the rust was purely on the surface and a liberal application of Evaporust and some elbow grease with some steel wool cleaned it right up.


I’ll post up some more pictures and details of the retrofit I did to convert it from servo drive to stepper next.